2021 | Shelter Insurance®

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Consumers Targeted by Criminals Sending Fraudulent Shelter Insurance® Checks


Columbia, MO — Consumers using online recruiting websites are being targeted by criminals circulating fraudulent checks asking them to purchase office equipment and supplies. Several individuals contacted Shelter Insurance® asking about checks they received that appeared to be from Shelter. Shelter’s Special Investigation Unit investigated and found they were fraudulent.

“The criminals who send these fake checks are very sophisticated,” said Jay MacLellan, Director of Training and Public Relations for Shelter.  “The checks look like real checks from a business and tells the individuals to purchase supplies and then just send a personal check or gift card back for the excess. By the time their bank figures out the check is fake, the criminals already have the funds from the victim.  Shelter’s Special Investigations Unit is reviewing these reports and wants to make consumers aware of this problem.” Shelter encourages anyone who receives a suspicious check that appears to come from Shelter to contact their Fraud Hotline at 888-804-4693 or report online at Shelter Fraud Hotline.

Insurance companies, other financial institutions, and their consumers are frequent targets of fraudsters. Shelter and other insurers partner through the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud to prevent scams such as ones involving fake checks. The Coalition’s website features ways consumers can protect themselves and help lower insurance costs by reporting suspected insurance fraud.  Another resource for consumers is the Federal Trade Commission’s website.


Shelter Insurance® is a group of companies with four personal lines property and casualty companies, a reinsurance company and a life insurance company.  Shelter markets through Shelter Insurance®, AmShield Insurance®, Haulers Insurance, Say Insurance® and offers auto, home, life, farm and business insurance services to customers in 21 states via a network of more than 2,000 local insurance agents and 2,100 employees. The firm’s headquarters is in Columbia, Missouri.   For more information, visit www.ShelterInsurance.com.  For media inquiries, contact Jay MacLellan, Director of Public Relations at 573-214-4393.