2020 | Shelter Insurance®

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Shelter Insurance Companies Non-Renewals and Cancellations due to Non-payment During the COVID-19 Crisis


UPDATE 5/28/2020: 

At Shelter Insurance® we realize that many of our customers may experience temporary lapses in employment and potential financial burdens as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We are taking steps to provide relief to our Shelter Insurance® customers:

  • All reinstatement fees incurred during this period will be waived.
  • We will suspend cancellations as a result of bad drafts of funds from banks.  Bad drafts will not prevent a customer from reinstating their policy. Policies with bad drafts will be double-drafted the following month and that while we will delay taking action, customers will be responsible for making up any late payments or bad drafts. 

All Shelter Insurance® life insurance policies include at least a 31-day grace period. Shelter will work with individual customers on any specific issues. Please contact your Shelter agent with any questions.

These measures will be in effect through June 14th and we will monitor the situation to determine whether an extension of these temporary measures is warranted.