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How to Remove Oil Stains From Your Driveway

Image: Oil spill staining driveway underneath red car

A driveway full of oil stains is not something a homeowner likes to see. Accidents happen, but here are a few ways to clean them up and make your driveway look new. Before you begin trying these methods, make sure you wear gloves to protect your hands because the chemicals you use for this job could irritate or burn your skin.  Also, wear clothes that you don’t mind being damaged. After reading these tips you will learn that a bristle brush and water are your best friends, so make sure you have them available.

Cat Litter

Cat litter is an inexpensive way to clean oil stains from your driveway. All you need is enough cat litter to cover the stain, a bristle brush, and some detergent or dish soap.

  1. Spread a thick layer of cat litter on top of the oil stain and leave it for a couple of hours to soak up the liquid.
  2. Sweep up the cat litter and use the bristle brush, soap/detergent and water to scrub off any excess oil off the ground.

Oven Cleaner

  1. Similar to how you’d clean your oven, simply spray the oven cleaner on the oil stain. Leave it for a couple of minutes so the cleaner can do its magic.
  2. Next, use a bristle brush and water to scrub off any leftover oil.
  3. Repeat this process a few times if necessary or look into getting a higher-end oven cleaner.

Baking Soda

The baking soda method is very similar to the oven cleaner.

  1. Sprinkle baking soda on top of the oil stain.
  2. Leave it on for half an hour then rinse with water.

If it does not work, you could sprinkle baking soda again and pour some vinegar on top of it (throwback to the middle school volcanos). Leave it for a few minutes then scrub with a bristle brush. Rinse with water and let it dry.


Another way to clean oil stains is to use good old WD-40.

  1. Spray a thick coat of it on the spot you’d like to treat.
  2.  Leave it on for a few minutes then pour hot water and scrub with a bristle brush.


One of the oldest ways to clean small stains of oil off your driveway is to use soda. The acids in soda are its secret ingredient for removing the stains safely and effectively. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Pour a generous amount of soda on the stain and leave it overnight.
  2. Next, pour hot water on it and scrub with a bristle brush. If you have any leftover soda, enjoy it while you admire your clean driveway.

Oil stains can be very stubborn, but there are many ways you could try to remove them. Unfortunately, sometimes the damage might be too much. If that’s the case, consider calling a professional.

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