Condo Coverage | Shelter Insurance®

Just Like a House, Your Condo Needs Coverage


Share a wall, a driveway or a set of stairs with your condominium neighbors? You still share the normal insurance risks of all types of homeowners.

As a condo homeowner, you're responsible for insuring the portion of the complex you live in. Shelter's condominium insurance covers the part of the building you own.

In other words, the cost of restoring your home is payable under the property coverage (up to the policy limits). And the structure's not the only thing: what's inside it may also be covered.

Coverage Options

Here are a few ways Shelter can cover your condo:

  • Personal Property and Expanded Personal Property coverage can cover the contents of your home and other structures.
  • If your home is uninhabitable after an accident, Additional Living Expenses coverage can reimburse you for the extra cost of living away from home.
  • Medical Payment coverage can help pay the reasonable medical expenses arising from a covered scenario.
  • Liability coverage can help you pay your legal liability to others after an accident.

A Shelter agent can help you choose policy limits and deductibles. They'll also help you understand the details of the condo policy, including what it doesn't cover. Request a quote or find an agent near you to ask about our free insurance review.