Hand Injury Prevention | Shelter Insurance®

Give Workers a Helping Hand Against Injury


Hands can get hurt in any workplace. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that around 250,000 serious injuries to hands, fingers, and wrists occur in the workplace every year, and approximately 111,000 employees lose workdays as a result. Here’s how to give employees a hand in staying safe:

  • Provide protection. Whenever employees work with tools, be sure they’re equipped with sturdy gloves and other protective wear—and that they use them properly.
  • Remove personal hazards. Employees shouldn’t wear watches, rings or other jewelry or clothing that might get caught in their equipment.
  • Inspect the tools. Knives and other cutting implements should be in good repair and easy to use. Sharpen as necessary to prevent a dull blade from slipping. Train employees in safe use, and immediately replace any instruments that get damaged.
  • Clean up. Broken glass or shards of metal should be swept up and disposed of right away. Don't let employees pick up shattered glass, even wearing gloves—use a broom and dustpan.
  • Learn first aid. Act quickly to prevent blood loss and infection. If the wound is serious, seek medical attention for the employee without delay.