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Braving the Storm in Your Car 03/24/2014
Do you know what to do if you suddenly find yourself in a storm while you're driving? This article will give you some tips so you know what to do, and what not to do.

Keep the Roof Over Your Head in Good Condition 03/11/2014
Inspecting your roof twice a year is an ounce of prevention that's worth a pound of cure.

When Spring Storms Threaten Your Home, Will You Be Ready? 03/03/2014
Winter is finally coming to an end—at least we hope! Now it's time to get your house ready for spring storms.

Ways to Save on Auto Insurance for Your Teenager 02/26/2014
Your teen is now driving. Besides fearing for their safety out on the road, you might also fear that first insurance bill. Check out some ways to reduce the cost.

Refreshing Your Home for Spring 02/17/2014
Spring is just around the corner and our thoughts are turning to Easter, Spring Break and of course, spring cleaning. Follow these tips to make your spring cleaning a breeze.

Heart Smart Eating 02/10/2014
If you are at a healthy weight, it doesn't necessarily mean you have a healthy heart — but it's a good start. Even if you don't think you need to eat a heart-healthy diet, think again. Eating for good heart health now can help you avoid heart problems later.

Cream Cheese Mints 02/03/2014
Valentine's Day, weddings or anytime, these popular mints are always a hit!

Perfect House, Perfect Location? 01/27/2014
You see it on real estate shows all the time, and any real estate agent will tell you—location matters. You might find the perfect house, but if you find out later that it's in a location that doesn’t fit your needs, your dream home could turn into a nightmare.

Is Your Car Ready for Harsh Winter Weather? 01/20/2014
When you heard the first major storm of winter was on its way, you pulled out your cold weather clothes, stocked the pantry, and found the snow shovel. You are ready — but is your car?

Glen Crowley Honored with Fred V. Heinkel Award for Excellence 08/28/2015
Glen Crowley received the 2015 Fred V. Heinkel Award for Excellence in recognition of the leadership role he plays in the YouthBuild Program of Job Point, a central Missouri community development corporation that gives young adults educational opportunities and work experience.

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