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Comprehending Comprehensive Coverage 10/30/2014
Understanding what liability and collision coverages are on an auto policy is fairly easy, but do you know what is covered under comprehensive? Read on for a little clarity on the subject.

Winter Driving Tips for Teens 10/23/2014
Your teen might think they know how to drive, but do they know what extra precautions to take in wintry weather? Here are some tips that all drivers should review.

Volunteering: A Great Way to Build Your Network 10/13/2014
Volunteering is a great way to support an organization by sharing your skills, but it's also a great way to build your network.

Tips for Buying a Used Car 10/08/2014
Does the thought of buying a used car give you heartburn? Doing a little research before you buy can help.

Deer and Cars Don't Mix 09/26/2014
Deer are going to be more active than usual very soon. Keep an eye out and follow this advice to avoid a deer-car collision.

Zesty Corn and Bean Salsa 09/23/2014
A surprising ingredient adds a special kick to this simple salsa -- and to your next tailgate party!

Let's Talk Business Autos 09/18/2014
Sometimes a business vehicle might look the same as a personal vehicle, but the coverage requirements are very different.

Shelter Fountain to Close for Renovations 09/02/2014
The iconic Shelter Fountain in front of the Shelter Insurance® corporate offices will be closing in September for renovations. The fountain was built in 1965, and Shelter will celebrate its 50th Anniversary and unveil the redesigned fountain in Spring 2015.

Umbrella Insurance Offers Peace of Mind During Life's Unexpected Storms 08/08/2014
Sometimes we find ourselves in unthinkable situations which can have costly outcomes. Are you financially prepared if a court awards a claimant damages above your policy limits?

Distracted Driving: It's Not Just About Cell Phones 08/06/2014
What's your definition of distracted driving? Cell phones are the primary force behind distracted driving initiatives in recent years, but you can be distracted by more than just your cell phone.

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